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Improving Community College Course Catalogs Community college course catalogs contain crucial information. But they are often not structured in a way to make it accessible to students. Read More
California’s Brain Gain California is unique: It is gaining large numbers of college graduates from other states and losing large numbers of less educated adults. Read More
High Housing Costs Hurt College Affordability High housing costs play a significant role in the total price of attending college in California. Read More
Bricks and Mortarboards: Capital Investment in Colleges California needs to rethink its higher education capital finance strategy—a key component in maintaining access for all students and producing an educated workforce. Read More
Video: Keeping Students on Track for College Only about 30% of California 9th graders are expected to earn a bachelor’s degree—a startling statistic in a state that faces a shortfall of college graduates. PPIC researchers and a panel of experts discuss the challenges and solutions for improving college pathways. Read More

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