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New Laws Expand Criminal Justice Reforms

The governor recently signed a number of bills that extend the state’s efforts to reform its adult and juvenile criminal justice system.

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Sentence Enhancements: Next Target of Corrections Reform?

California has many sentence enhancements—such as Three Strikes—which increase the usual punishment for an offense. A bill on the governor’s desk would repeal one of them.

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Crime Rates Stable Overall, But Some Counties See Big Changes

Corrections reforms in California have not resulted in a broad surge in crime. But the statewide numbers mask substantial differences across counties.

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Video: Reforms Challenge County Probation Departments

Changes in criminal justice policy have significantly altered the role of probation in California and have put considerable demands on counties.

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Proposition 57’s Impact on Prisons

Proposition 57 is expected to reduce the prison population by more than 2,600 inmates in 2017‒18, with a net cost savings of nearly $40 million.

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